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Come on- you know it, you know you have an opinion on Wallpaper!  Does it make you think NYC or Walton farm?  Does it make you smile or did you just feel a chill?  Be honest- What do you think of wall paper?

WallpaperNow one step further..IF you are listing your home, in today’s maret and you have wallpaper in any of your rooms, will you be removing prior to list?  Will you paint over the wallpaper (yes this can be done..but can it be done well is a whole different conversation!)?  Will you let it be and hope for the best?

Wallpaper is just one of those things in life you simply can’t have a mixed emotion about.  You have to take a stand!  Today’s wallpaper is not always your gramma’s wallpaper so perhaps it is worth checking out before your take that stand but at some point in your home buying and selling lifetime you will be faced with the wallpaper question.  Wouldn’t it be a good idea to explore this issue BEFORE you are faced with it in your own home and discover you and your significant other are on two totally different pages in the wallpaper wars!!

Have a great day- and an even better week!!  Enjoy the view- wallpapered or not- it is YOUR view!!  Embrace it!

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