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Mitchell RdSo it is that time again, Fall in New England.  The mornings begin with a slight chill, the afternoons warm to a comfortable level and the angle of sunlight changes in harmony with the leaf color changes throughout the hillsides.  Spending time sitting and taking in the beauty is one of the great pleasures of being in New England for Fall.  Connecticut has so many great special areas to just appreciate and marvel at the scenery.  Where is one of your favorite locations?

In the midst of all the majesty and beauty of the Connecticut countryside we do, however, have to remember that the days keep moving, the calendar pages keep turning and we all have timelines and agendas. So I ask you:  Are you thinking of selling your home?  Do you want to be moving by Spring?  Is your goal to be into your new home by summer 2014?  If that is your goal when do you want to put your home on the market?

These questions are very common when listing a home and the answers are often the same- people love to buy and sell in the Spring- or so it is said..and people definitely want to move in the Spring to be settled in by summer!  But what does that really mean- when should you begin the process of listing your home for sale?  Just as you would a major project at the office- go ahead work the project (Selling your home and moving) backward.

Anticipated Move date is June 15, 2014  So closing would need to be on/before June 14, 2014. this would mean on a totally clean, easy, no complications FHA loan  (*assuming the government is working again by 2014)..you need minimum of about 6-8 weeks (again assuming they are not still dealing with a serious backlog from the current government shutdown).  So that means under contract no later than April 15, 2014.  (What a date – well at least it will be a more pleasant memory than the usual!)

So you need to have a home under contract ready to go by April 15, 2014.  So let me ask you- What is the Days on the Market for a home in New London or Middlesex County? Is it 30 days? 60 days? or as we have seen in the past over 120 days?

Taking the scenario of 90days*(to contract and then 30 to close) as a compromise then that would mean your home would need to be listed on the market by, at best/worst case…January 15, 2014!!  Keep in mind that is if everything goes swimmingly!  No glitches! No inspection delays? or septic issues? No renegotiations along the way- due to unknown issues at time of contract! No contracts falling through! No crazy contingencies!  You see where I am going with this, I know you do.  Like with any high profile project- in order to be sure to come in on time and under budget (or on budget) you need cushion in your project plan.

What cushion would you suggest for a project of this size and importance?  Days? Weeks? Month or more?  That decision is, in the end, up to you and your personal situation (flexibility).  But backtracking from a late Spring early Summer goal date it is easy to come to the conclusion there is no time like the present to get YOUR home on the market today.  Take advantage of the lower than norm inventory- and those buyers that are serious.  Put your best foot forward, price the home correctly (based on market conditions) and you will be ready to move to your next life phase according to plan!

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