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2010 CounterTopsThis weekend I had the privilege to get involved in a Kitchen Remodel discussion about the pros and cons of Granite, Stainless, or whatever your countertop of preference is this week! The one thing we agreed on was that it is so critical for the client to know budget and how they use their kitchen in order to make a good choice in countertop surface to best fit both needs. With technology and natural options abundant the costs are all over the spectrum and if you want to do a $20K kitchen or a $50K kitchen the answer is YES it can be done. So in light of my countertop discussion and all the options we came up with I thought it a great idea to share this article with you from REALTOR®Mag. Hope you find the answer you seek- when choosing your next countertop surface!

Countertops 101: A Kitchen’s Perfect Pairing