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Having a home often means there is always something that we ‘want’ to do or are considering doing, right? Projects can be of two three main kinds…1. The ones you simply HAVE to do (for safety, etc)  2. The ones that will dramatically increase the value of your home and 3.  The ones that you really want but they are neither needed nor will they increase the value on the open market …JUST in your eyes!

The number 3 type of project is what we are talking about today.  Why should you do it if it adds nothing to the bottom line?  Well, simply put, because it is your home and you want to enjoy it your way.  If you go into a project knowing that the ROI is little to none then there will be no buyers regret down the line- and with luck you will have years of enjoyment of a home on YOUR terms.  Now what is wrong with that?  So get to it- do the projects you want, on your terms, with total understanding of what WILL and what WILL NOT be a lucrative ROI!  This bit of info from the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS® will get you started: (quick note- if you ask those who went through the last few New England Storms I’m wondering if the item ‘back up generator’ should really be on this list??? What do you think- non ROI item, for real????)


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