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If you live anywhere near a trickle of a stream I am sure you know the storm brewing around the Rate Increases in Flood Insurance. This is a hot button topic for homeowners and possible buyers in today’s marketplace. [If you have not been paying attention, please start- this could affect you and you were not even aware…things in the flood map world are changing!] NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS ®has come up with some information points to help you navigate this messy subject. The best thing you can do if you are 1. A homeowner in a flood zone 2. A homeowner in a newly designated flood zone 3. A seller of a home, in a flood zone, already listed with a REALTOR® or a 4. Potential buyer of a home, in a flood zone….is pay attention to the subject and know what your options are at every step along the way. This subject is very fluid (no pun intended) as lawmakers scramble to try to make it less difficult so be patient and be aware.

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