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Carbon Monoxide and Smoke Detector Laws when selling or renting Real Estate have recently changed and buyers and sellers need to be aware that there are actions that must take place prior to or no later than closing.

What is required?  An affidavit..which is, simply put, a statement under oath, therefore it is a document that is handled by the attorney at closing.

You are selling a Condo or Townhome- so the affidavit law will not apply to you, right?  Not right- the need for an affidavit applies to all Single Family residences including Condos which are Townhome style or Apartment style.

As a seller you decide you are not willing to submit an affidavit- so now what?  Can you still sell your home?  YES!!!! you can still close on the contract; however you will need to credit the buyer $250.00 at closing.

As a seller you bought the home, invested and upgraded it- but never actually lived in the home so you are exempt from the affidavit, right?  NOPE!  There is no exception for non-owner occupied houses. (or investment properties)

There are other questions that may come up during the process- as always ASK your professional REALTOR® if in doubt.

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