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The phrase “Cottage Gardens” bring you back to Beatrix Potter and the unique blend of plants one would expect to find along a winding road in the countryside of England..or, in this case, New England!

A cottage garden is by its very nature- unique and intimate to the inhabitants of said cottage. A traditional cottage garden is usually located near the doors to the home; be it back or front. This type of garden will be a seemingly wild, untamed, yet purposeful, mix of plants: shrubs and roses as well as annuals and perennials and perhaps, just perhaps a vegetable or herb to provide for practicality.

Stepping into a cottage garden can transport one body and mind into another world. A cottage garden is a beautiful place to enjoy nature, to read a book, or to spend an afternoon just being in good company. However you enjoy your cottage garden there is something beautiful in knowing the space and the plants and the purpose are as individual as you are- so go on, get dirty, and create your Cottage Garden Retreat 2014!!

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