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As the snow comes down at rates approaching 2-3″/hour I cannot help but think of the Spring Garden I want to have for Spring 2014. Do you envision a garden this year? Are you creating from new or tweaking the garden from last year? Please do tell the tricks and hints you have learned along the way that will help any gardener to enjoy the work of gardening.

The best hints so far, for the New England and North Texas garden are RAISED BEDS!! Funny that this is a great hint in Connecticut as well as North Texas- but it is, yet it is so for very different reasons. In North Texas much of the soil is clay and if you do not know- clay is not prime planting soil, digging soil, or workable soil. Heck there are days I would not even say it was soil- it is just plain difficult. So the Raised bed is the salvation of the Texas backyard gardener. With some creativity, a good spot that can get both sun and shade (to protect from the August Sun’s Scorching rays) and a close by water source the Raised Bed garden allows the gardener the power over the soil. To amend it as needed, to supply it where needed, and to create the space that makes sense for the plants and the parcel.

In Connecticut the soil is in many places very workable, it is good fertile soil for growing a variety of plants and it has some definite benefits over clay- but it also has magical power- Connecticut soil has the ability to produce rocks. Big, small, heavy, light- each year you begin your garden it seems the winter months have created a rock garden that surpasses the one of last year- in sheer size and quantitiy. So the raised bed solves all of these problems and provides much more control over the end product- the Garden.

Which begs the question – What type of garden do you seek?

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