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Cabin side So you want to buy a Log Cabin!  For many Americans owning a Log Cabin or Log Home is a dream that once in place they simply cannot shake.  And that is a fun type of dream to have!  So the first question the dreamer must ask is ‘Do I/we want to BUILD a Log Home or do we want to buy a pre-owned Log Home?’

As many folks simply prefer the idea of purchasing a pre-owned home that is where we will start (of course if YOU are more the build it type- then may I suggest a wonderful cleared lot- situated with plenty of natural light – ready to set your dreams down on…ask me where!!! 860-575-5001)

In Southeastern and Central Connecticut the good news is- the DREAM IS ALIVE!!!  There are folks, just like you, that want to have the log home experience and occasionally, but not often, occasionally these homes come on the market for sale!  ‘Why are there not more?’ Is the question I hear most often- and the truth is, as I mentioned at the beginning, Log Home dwellers are, by nature, dreamers- and when you have a good dream- and achieve it- why would you want to leave!!!!  Lesson here is supply/demand- when a Cabin is on the market- it does not usually stay on the market for long! (the recent slow market we went through these last 2-4 years was an exception to that rule, but overall, these homes are not vacant or For Sale for very long!)

Current market is moving in the right direction- meaning buyers are buying and sellers are selling and both sides, unlike a year ago, both sides are walking away from the closing table happy and ready to begin a new adventure! Looking throughout the state today there are 53 LOG listings – in the ENTIRE state! With List prices ranging from $1.3million to $124K there are Log Home dreams to fit almost any style and budget but at the same time 53 is not a lot to choose from in the pre owned marketplace. Now add to the selection process that you want a particular area or even a specific town and your options will quickly be narrowed down.

So what are you to do?

First, start early! Then choose a REALTOR® who loves the dream like you do!! (Like me!) Ask questions- not of your aunt and uncle and mom and dad- but of other Log Home owners! They have the experience and knowledge to guide you in your search and help you, as I will, to discern the hype from the business of purchasing a home. and then while you are doing your homework, get yourself Approved for a specific dollar amount and know the questions to ask to be sure your lender is not going to have a problem with a Log Home purchase—-ahhhhh yes, you need not only to know you are approved- but approved for Log Home purchase…no need to hear during the process..’Oh, Log Home, oh…uh…oh…let me see if that changes anything.’

So you want to buy a Log Cabin!! Great- Soooo excited- Now Let’s get started!!!!

For your full time residence or your vacation home to share with all those you love to be around- then…
Call on me, Dawn McNary
Heritage Properties spc in Niantic/East Haddam CT 860-575-5001 cell 860-739-4455 ext 33 Office

Let’s talk and discuss the timeline and plan to achieve your dreams!!!

Selling/Buying/Investing- You owe it to yourself to call Dawn McNary, REALTOR® , with Heritage Properties spc Today! Let me help you ‘Make YOUR home ownership dreams a reality!’