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heritage7550jpegSure Location Location Location has been the Real Estate mantra forever but as we heard this week from the folks in New London it is also the mantra of those in the know within the city of New London.  These folks know they have an amazing location- with amazing people and talents.  The city of New London is moving into a new phase and anyone in the right Location Location Location will be a part of this exciting time in New London’s history.

A recent forum, I attended, at the Thames Club in New London really spoke to the opportunity that is available for home buyers and investors in the City of New London.  Here is the article recapping the event, by Lee Howard, from the 4 June edition of the New London Day.

The forum was made up of people who were clearly passionate about this city and the people that live and work here!  The forum included Mayor Finizio, Frank McLaughlin (PM for the Renaissance City Development Association), Tony Silvestri (developer of City Flats  in New London), Steve Sigel (Managing Director for the Garde Arts Center), Barbara Neff (NeffProductions who has produced numerous events for the city) and Keith Turner (of McCue Mortgage).  It was a great discussion about all that is New London and all that New London is becoming on this evolutionary journey of a city!

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