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Buying a home in 2014? When? Based on the FED news- should you reevaluate your timeline in order to take advantage of the current market?  Short answer- perhaps!

Chapman FallsIn the money world things have been moving along at a relatively predictable pace.  From this point one of two things will be bound to happen- financing will pick up its pace and flow freely….and at attractive rates..or…financing will slow down to a crawl as borrowers become discontent with rising rates.

The FED’s announcement that the end of the taper is approaching means that at some time, in the future, rates will begin to rise.  The current buying climate cannot continue forever- and although most folks are aware of that fact the human nature side known as procrastination (or hoping for just a bit better) has been in the driver’s seat for some time now.  The time is soon, if not now, to take back control of your real estate dreams and direct your financial future rather than leaving it to ‘a hope & a prayer’.

So the question still remains- Are you buying a home in 2014?

If you would like to work with a REALTOR® who understands your situation and will work to make your real estate dreams come true in 2014 then give me a call today- I would welcome the opportunity to work with you and make 2014 the year you want it to be!!

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