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Norwalk Boat Show 1Taking a break from housing talk I thought I would venture out on the water for a bit.  The last month or so has been quite an experience in looking for that perfect ‘something extra’ in life- called a BOAT!

Yes, yes, yes I have heard from all the naysayers that claim ‘the happiest day in a boat owners life is the day they GET the boat AND the day they SELL the boat.” However, I also see an awful lot of amazing folks out enjoying the many many many waterways in Connecticut and along the Connecticut shoreline.  So I am going to remain the optimist and embrace the ‘boating bug’ along with all these other folks.

When we embarked upon this journey, as a family, we did not know what we were searching for- at all.  We talked bass boats, we talked cuddy cabs, we talked bow riders- we even talked row boats for that matter.  Oh yes, the conversations have been spirited!!  Along the way we have met some truly amazing people at marinas across CT and MA as far as Rockland, ME.  In the time they have spent discussing the finer points of the boats and the pros and cons of each model we think perhaps we are getting closer and closer to finding the right match for our family.  At least one person has made a decision- or so it seems based on the smile:

This boat is mine

In Real Estate we toss around numbers now and again and it is often said that a family begins ‘looking’ for a home up to -2 YEARS- prior to making a purchase.  Truth is, that number is probably pretty accurate for most folks.  So for all of you boat owners out there- How long did you ‘look’ before signing on the dotted line?  From browsing through brochures to online ‘build a boat’ options to attending Boat Shows and talking with sales folks- and boat owners.  How long was it in your journey from the desire to fulfill the boating dream- to the point of ‘bringing that baby home!’????

Boats viewed to date: (in no particular order) Cobalt  Formula  Four Winns  CrownLine and the boat that started it all the Monterey…..So many options and choices…

Want to share a boat ownership vs boat partnership story- please do!!!  Would love to hear them all-  but with that said- How can you not LOVE THIS VIEW!!!

Love this view

If you are interested in a home along the Connecticut Shoreline or one of the many many lakes or right on the CT River- then let’s talk!!!  860-739-4455- ext 33 at Heritage Properties in Niantic CT  is where you can find me and we can begin the process of Making YOUR Real Estate dreams a reality!!!