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Footsteps in the attic in the days leading up to Halloween can make anyone go ooooohhhhhh- but what do you do when they continue well into the Christmas season?  Well you either go ‘check it out’ [not a fan of this approach!] or you call someone who can go check it out!

The usual culprits are your friendly squirrels and/or raccoons…ok I may be exaggerating on the ‘friendly’ part, but suffice to say they are simply looking for shelter from the impending winter and a place to store food.  If your roof/attic space has an entrance these critters WILL find a way in!  If you can get them out and then repair the suspected entry point you will save yourself the dreaded SMELLS of the attic- which is a whole other issue!!!!!!

Bat on a screenOn occasion your attic may be home to the occasional bat and/or snake and although one bat is a simple removal- many many bats will probably require some professional assistance- {This bat is outside on the screen and doing what he needs to do – eating insects- no need to ‘get rid’ of him he provides a service!!  but also no need to let him take up residence indoors!!!}

Snake SkinEvidence of other visitors, such as snakes, is often the first sign that you have non-paying renters on the premises!!  The feeling of most folks, with regards to snakes, is one is TOOOOO many- so call a professional if you see a snake in the attic and be sure he gets eviction papers pronto!!!

Happy Halloween– and after reading this it is my guess we are all looking forward to finding a simple GHOST in the attic!!!