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Give Keep Toss ClutterWhat does it take to sell your home?  There are steps, physical, that one must take in order to sell a property.  But did you also consider there are steps, psychologically, that many, but not all,  must go through in order to sell a home.

Did you notice the difference in those sentences?  Yes- property vs home.  Those words make all the difference when it comes time to sell.  As a buyer looks at your property it is a commodity- a piece of land with a house on it and there are lots of numbers that a buyer needs to make work in order to get to the ‘make an offer’ stage of things.  As a seller, things are often very very different.

As a seller you may have lived in the home for a short time or a lifetime.  You have created memories- both good and bad.  Your home tells a story- if walls could talk, as the saying goes.  Regardless of your story it is often very hard to let go of the ‘place’ where the stories were made.  From first steps to first tears to loud laughter and lost loves.  We all have a story and a house- a home- is much more than four walls and a roof to a seller- it is not quantifiable.  A house- a home- is a place of immeasurable joy and sorrow.  A place we want to sell (whatever the reasons) but a place many of us never want to part with (no matter the reason).

This is the FIRST step in selling a house- a home.  Acknowledging that this is a major decision and a change for you- and if there are other members of the family it will be a change to each of them, in their own unique ways.  (funny how we can share a space with people for years and the memories, the connections are all very different for each person- but that is the joy of being individuals after all!).

Part of the process of working through the connection to the home is the Give Keep Toss step.  Making the decision to sell a home brings about a stage of depersonalization which entails DE cluttering.  So whether you

  1. move it all to a storage facility (not suggested- but often needed!) or
  2. you decide to spend a week’s vacation binge cleaning (also not suggested- but again often needed!) or
  3. you go through the measured steps of tackling one area at a time in anticipation of an upcoming listing (step 2 in the process)-

no matter how you choose to move forward- as long as you are moving you are going in the right direction.


Part one in an ongoing series on steps to selling your home…

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