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Spring FlowersSo done with winter…Gardening and lawn Talk!

We may be buried under feet of snow…with temps ranging in the negative more often than the positive, but it is never too early to be thinking about Spring gardening!  Oh sure there is practical gardening- veggies and herbs and such, and there is the gardening of passion of flowers and bulbs all of which we can address as the weeks begin to warm up and the local nurseries begin to open their doors again!

For now let’s talk about a Real Estate focused item- Lawn & Lawn Care.

If you do not have a lawn service and are thinking more along the DIY lines then it is critical that you separate the Truth from Fiction as it relates to lawn care.  Let’s start with one item that comes up about this time of year- year after year.

We are going to list our home in late Spring- as we first want to replace the lawn! Oh no!  Too little too late!  If you want to replace your lawn- totally- then the best time to get that process underway was LAST FALL.  Late summer and early fall- the end of crabgrass growing season and the time when temps are most consistent is the perfect time to be sowing seeds.

So now that you have a lawn in place knowing when to fertilize is will be key…Spring of course, right?  Again, not so fast. Couple things here to note- first is if you use fertilizer do so responsibly.  Keep in mind that we must always protect our lakes, streams and rivers.  When you do choose to fertilize do recognize that different species of grass will require different release rates of nutrients.  Choosing the proper nutrient to release at the proper time is critical to strong summer lawns.

Looking for great advice check out your local gardening center/nursery- share with us your favorites!