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Spring FlowersSo done with winter…Gardening and Lawn Talk.  Part 2

This week is about watering.  How much, when and how often are three key questions that homeowners face when trying to establish and maintain a lawn worthy of the phrase…’Amazing Curb Appeal’.

When I water does not really matter…True? False?  False!  Making this valuable resource count- is critical.  Therefor keep in mind that watering early morning or evenings after sunset will minimize evaporation and lead to deeper watering of the soil and root systems.

How often? Why every day, of course! No No No- See above statement regarding making every drop count and achieving deeper watering.  In order to do this you should water every 2-3 days.  The goal being to maintain a ratio of an inch of water to 12 inches of soil in order to maintain optimal conditions for the established lawn.

Share your lawn care secrets- or prized lawn photos!!! Would love to see the fruits of your labor!!!