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Spring FlowersSo done with winter…Gardening and Lawn talk part 3.

So we have the lawn we desire, we have fertilized and watered properly.  The result can quickly (or slowly) be that we now need to cut our lawn.  Best process?

The best way to cut grass is very short as it eliminates the need to cut frequently and allows the lawn time to continue to grow.  Uh- NO!!!!!!  Although doing things properly requires a bit more time and energy it is worth the effort.

Cutting a lawn to a height of 3-3.5 inches.  In order to produce the result you are seeking it is critical that you start each season with sharpened blades on your mower.  Keep in mind that cutting lawn to the proper height will use less water, be more weed resistant and will maintain a deeper greener color.

Your lawn is now in good hands!!!  Ready, Set , Enjoy…..and if the time comes that Amazing Curb Appeal needs to be written into your Listing description as you decide to list and sell your home- then give me a call- I’m always available to list and sell homes all in an effort to help you ‘make YOUR real estate dreams a reality!’

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