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Breaker BoxBreaker Box- Is your breaker box a deal breaker…or maker?

Today’s home buyer is interested in a home that is ready to move in and get comfy.  This means your home must be dressed to impress.  If you have been in your home for some time and have added electrical service items here and there over the years there is a chance your breaker box may need a review to see if it is up to the task.  Knowing what to look for and how to make a ‘fix’ is best done by a licensed electrician.

If over the years you have added a den, in-law suite, rec-room, finished basement, bathroom or similar then there is a good possibility that a panel upgrade or the addition of a second panel may be required. (or should have been done…) The cost for an upgrade like this can vary from $700-$2000+ so it is best to know what you need and get an estimate and work done from a qualified electrician.

Even at the top end of that range, $2000, the payoff- in the eye of the buyer- can be well worth it.  A buyer seeing the service is properly done and there is unlikely potential for problems early on during home ownership will make a buyer feel much more comfortable offering at or near ‘asking’ price.  [Whereas a crowded electrical panel can quickly drop an offer by many many thousands of dollars- and then when the inspection report comes back and points out the obvious- another few thousand in ‘repair’ costs/concessions will be requested!]

So yes- a breaker box can be a deal maker- or a deal breaker, but the choice is yours.  Getting a home ready, in the eyes of the buyer, takes the ability to look at things objectively- as a buyer- and make adjustments/repairs.

Thinking of selling your home today- or a year from now- you owe it to yourself to give me a call and let’s put together a plan that makes sense for your unique situation!

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