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August 1, 2015 THIS date is a game changer in financing your next home. Are you ready for the change? Are you out looking for a home now? If so, have you applied and locked in your rate? If you have not do you know what a delay in application, until 1 August 2015 or later will mean to your. Time table?

Simply put.. 1 August 2015 will do more than simply change the name of the forms you are presented. The information on these newly named forms will be presumably easier to comprehend. The information will be presented at specific points in the process. Changes to the information, once presented, will necessitate a review of the information. All of these steps take time …and that means your new time frame for a financed home purchase will be no longer the 30-35 days you once new..but rather the 45-60 days you will hear more and more about!

Note to self should be….Plan Accordingly…want to be in by Thanksgiving 2015??? Then you best find, offer, get executed contract signed and delivered by mid September at the latest!