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Spring Flowers  It is June- and Spring has returned- or we shall hope it has!  No more 50 degree days in CT please- let’s continue with the Calendar uninterrupted for the remainder of June-

Dear Mother Nature,

It would be much appreciated if you could stick to the game plan- during June we should be experiencing comfortable temperatures, low humidity, and beautiful sunshine- with occasional light showers- to keep everything even and growing! Temps below 60 for daytime highs are going to seriously impact your quarterly review and may do a number on your annual review as well- so please please- no more games- 60+ for the remainder of the month.  Now overnight lows can dip into the 50’s – oh ok- an occasional high 40 is acceptable as well.  Hope this gentle reminder keeps you on track for the remainder of the month- and well into Summer!


One of your biggest Spring, Summer, Fall Fans!

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