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 Snakes of Connecticut… THAT is the subject of today’s Real Estate blog.  Why?  Well simple actually, part of home ownership is knowing what is critical to be handled now and what should be left alone.  This is never more true than when you walk out your front door, take three steps into the yard and see this sight as pictured above.

Scream- NO, Pause- YES!

Decisions time- does it stay or does it go???

To some the decision is relatively simply- ALL creatures that slime and slither- or ‘without legs’ must be eradicated from the surroundings.  Seems a BIT DRASTIC.

To some the decision is clear- these creatures belong here and we should never, under any circumstances, disturb them.  Seems a BIT NOT TOTALLY THOUGHT OUT.

To me there is a much more middle of the road approach to the problem. Inside the home- yeah- well unless I can tell you are non-venomous from 20 paces than you are probably going to be seeing your last day as a snake in the house.  But outside the home- in nature- where, remember SNAKES do have jobs to do, well that is where it gets fuzzy.

Lucky for us we live in the era of SOCIAL MEDIA- and cameras within reach at almost any second.  This was no exception- snap a photo- send to Facebook/Twitter/Pinterest (I guess?) wherever- and ask- Safe or Sorry????  Good or Bad????  Whatever the phrasing the requested information is the same- does this snake live or die today….

Within seconds you begin to receive responses- and in this snakes case most were favorable to allow him to go on and live his days as intended- taking care of the OUTDOOR environment as planned.  So he was left alone to bake in the sun and go about his business….and I went about my day.

Now if you are interested in learning a bit more about exactly what snakes do inhabit this area- BEFORE taking the next three steps out the front door- follow this link to a brochure put out by the State of CT entitled “SNAKES in CT”  Thank you CT DEEP for providing this wonderful document full of not only information but also of pictures of these snakes in varied states as we may actually encounter them out and about in nature!

Who said Real Estate couldn’t be fun for all!!!?

Enjoy the great outdoors- just respect it and educate yourself on all things unknown.