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Nothing is selling..This is ridiculous.  The lament heard at many a listing appointment with home owners looking to sell homes in New London and Middlesex Counties.  So what is really going on?  We all know that perception is reality.  If you are a homeowner looking to sell then you may very well be one of the frustrated many.

However there is hope!  I always prefer to look at what is working and then ‘tweak’ what isn’t and achieve the goal- which is to get your home sold after all!  So what is working- well there are homes selling and the number of days to get from listing to sale is, on average, coming down.

Historic Sales by Year New London and Middlesex County July 1 2015  The yellow in the chart represents the number of homes sold starting in January 2015 through July, which has only just begun.  The red in the chart represents the number of days on the market to get the homes sold.  January being both post holiday and winter in CT there is nothing surprising to that line.  What is a nice change is the steady decline in days on market from March/April through to now.

So let’s take a look again at what is happening out there- YES something is selling- that something is a home here a home there- Priced and presented correctly there are homes that ARE selling.  If you have been frustrated by the market perhaps it is time to take another look- looking at both price AND presentation (marketing)- from your staging and curb appeal to your photos and advertising placement- WHAT is being done to get your home sold over other homes?  If you cannot answer that question without thinking- then you DON’T have an answer and you need to get one!

Truly interested in selling your home in 2015- then let me work with you to achieve your goal and get this done- don’t let everyone else be in the YELLOW column!  Let’s get your home sold in 2015 and get you on this chart – in the column you want to be in- SOLD!

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