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Why are you shopping for a home?  Yes it appears to be a straightforward question, but it is not.

Shopping for a home can be as smooth as a quiet river Boat Launch Old Lyme

or it can flip you around like waves on the ocean ocean foam  seemingly dragging and pulling you at will.  The ride, as with the waves, can be filled with laughs, excitement, and at times- when that wave over takes you and you are under water unsure where the top is, terrifying!  Which process do you prefer- the choice is really up to you.

Here is what the question ‘Why are you shopping for a home?’ really means- WHY are you out shopping for a home and attending Open Houses and falling in love with THAT perfect home for you- when you have not yet sat down and talked to a lender to get qualified for your potential purchase???!!!!!

Shopping for a home means having the funds to purchase the home.  Having the funds, for most folks means having a mortgage.  Having a mortgage means being approved for a set amount of money to be loaned based on variety of factors- the greatest of which is YOUR credit and YOUR savings and YOUR work history and YOUR current budget needs.  YOU are the key to YOUR home purchase.

So intimidating to so many is step 1., which is to sit down with a lender and start the process of home shopping by knowing what you are capable, under today’s terms and conditions, of obtaining in the world of lending to use toward the purchase of your home.  Sure- there will be variables that arise- from raising and falling interest rates or tax changes from one town to another or even perhaps an unexpectedly higher than assumed rate for insurance on the ‘particular’ home of your choosing, but I can assure you almost all of these ‘blips’ can be dealt with and overcome during the process.  What cannot often be overcome is the process not having been started and finding out there is ‘an issue’ in YOUR file/history/budget that does not work with the lending algorithms in place at this time and the timeline for you to buy THAT house- or any house is more likely 6-9 months from now- IF you do all that is being asked of you starting right now!

Before you head into STEP 2- Shopping for a home- you must start with Step 1. sitting down with a lender and getting your financial strength training!

When you do not work in this order the process can be difficult.  Working with both buyers and sellers I can only tell you what I see, hear and feel.  Heartbreak.  Not talking about investors here- talking about people- people buying and selling homes to live in and make a life in- to create memories and to laugh, cry, and dream in- these are the majority of folks that are buying and selling homes. So again, I ask you- Why are you shopping for a home?  Have you done the first step to be sure you are financially able to secure the terms and finances you desire to make this purchase comfortable for you from the moment you put forward your offer???  I want your offer to succeed and I know you do too!  Let’s get this done- with strength!

STRENGTH! In today’s market there is no louder voice than that of a fully qualified buyer.  A fully qualified buyer approaches negotiations with confidence and determination to get it done.  The agent of a fully qualified buyer knows where they can begin and where they need to end.  The agent of a fully qualified buyer knows how to craft an offer that ‘stands out’ from the crowd and gets accepted more readily.  And perhaps most importantly the Fully Qualified Buyer knows that the home they are putting forward an offer on today is 1. within their reach- no questions asked and 2. could very well be the place they begin inspections on tomorrow (ya know, when the seller signs the offer and the contracted is executed!)

Don’t be shy-Leave me a comment and Tell me Why are you shopping for a home?  and then tell me when your appointment is to become that fully qualified buyer!!!  Once you sit down and know your options you will walk new and with purpose and the purchase of your first or next home will be done with far fewer moments of stress and heartbreak.

Ready to start today- then why wait give me a call!

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