Give Keep Toss ClutterBack to School is an annual right of passage for kids from all over.  For that matter it is a time to turn the page for adults as well.  As many folks prepare by shopping for new clothes for the kids and school supplies this is a great time to assess and plan for the future.  Thus the mantra- GIVE, KEEP, TOSS.

That is pretty much all there is to evaluating and formulating an action plan to get from September 1 to your next goal!

This goes out to the folks who want to begin a new journey and start something fresh and exciting, (like new clothes and backpacks, pencils, pens, laptops and APPS are to a returning student).  Find the corner of your desk, your office, your project, your life- find a starting point.

From this starting point progress methodically through to your next starting point- and each roadblock, or unknown you encounter you face will have three- and only three- possible outcomes.  GIVE KEEP TOSS.

Give can mean to give away, or delegate.

Keep will mean either you need to file it to keep, or you must personally execute the task at hand.

TOSS oh this is the fun one!  This is the POWERFUL one!  This is freedom!  Toss is as the name implies- being freed from the task, object, memory- you are tossing this ROADBLOCK out of the equation!

Now it is important to note that there will be an inherent desire to create a ‘MAYBE’ pile, folder, area.  DON’T DO IT!  This is a surgical procedure on your life and your new journey- new adventure- new year!  This is it- there is no MAYBE here.  Commit or don’t- and for those of you that don’t there is always next year……….. sorry we will all miss you though, as we will have all moved onto our new adventure, journey, experience and it is too good to turn back!

What are you waiting for- you can do this!  GIVE, KEEP, TOSS!  You’ve got this!

Welcome to the new school year- and all the promises and opportunities it presents!

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