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Rainy DayWhy a RAINY WEEKEND is the best time to look at homes!

Think about it…. Almost any home can WOW you when the sun is shining and blue skies are gently spotted with puffy white clouds casting the perfect light for you to FALL IN LOVE with the home.  But wait- what happens when it is a sky of winter or a sky of rain or the winds are howling in from the North?  Truly- do you LOVE that house now?  Do you wish you had known?  Well here is your chance to go out shopping in the rain, the wind and the downright unpredictable weather of Hurricane Joaquin (which IS SCHEDULED to miss entirely- thank goodness, but from which we will get some residual effects).

If you are in love with a home be it from a Sunny Day walk through or online photos (most often taken under sunny skies…) Then give it one more look around- or a first look…in the rain.  If you still are in love with the home you have chosen- then YES it must be the one!!!

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