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Knowing when to stay and when to go is a difficult decision when it comes to your own home.  A hoOpen Houseme to most people is so much more than a piece of property.  A home is built on memories, both good and bad.  A home is built on laughter and tears and shared experiences.  Yet a a home has only the value of the market for a piece of property.  Why is it important to know this distinction?

When you are thinking about remodeling your home to gain more space or make better use of existing space you should not only call in contractors and planners and designers but add to that list your local REALTOR®.

Your local REALTOR® is going to be able to give you the market conditions and value of your home if you were to list today.  But it does not end there you are going to have a candid conversation with this professional about the options you are considering and the plans you are entertaining.  This professional, who spends day after day and year after year in homes in your neighborhood, your city and your state, is going to discuss with you why or why not what you are planning is a good idea- from a purely numbers perspective.

Will you have resale value and will you recoup all, any or minimal dollars on your investment.

To some this piece of the equation has little importance.  If your upgrade is FOR YOU, FOR YOUR FAMILY, FOR YOUR FRIENDS, FOR YOUR ENJOYMENT with little care for ROI(return on investment) than continue as planned and have fun!

However, if you are doing this for both current enjoyment and future resale value then proceed cautiously and know what are the pitfalls to ‘over’ improvements and what may fall flat with buyers and more importantly appraisers.

And lastly, if your home improvement project is purely to ready your home for the market- then please, please do NOT go it alone- talk with your chosen REALTOR® and set a very specific plan in motion with a target ‘to market’ date to capitalize on the improvement and market conditions.  Use your improvement dollars wisely, price appropriately and market masterfully and the buyers will find you!

Happy Selling – give me a call today to set up an appointment to discuss your thoughts and develop a plan to make YOUR dreams a reality!

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