Why a RAINY WEEKEND is the best time to look at homes!


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Rainy DayWhy a RAINY WEEKEND is the best time to look at homes!

Think about it…. Almost any home can WOW you when the sun is shining and blue skies are gently spotted with puffy white clouds casting the perfect light for you to FALL IN LOVE with the home.  But wait- what happens when it is a sky of winter or a sky of rain or the winds are howling in from the North?  Truly- do you LOVE that house now?  Do you wish you had known?  Well here is your chance to go out shopping in the rain, the wind and the downright unpredictable weather of Hurricane Joaquin (which IS SCHEDULED to miss entirely- thank goodness, but from which we will get some residual effects).

If you are in love with a home be it from a Sunny Day walk through or online photos (most often taken under sunny skies…) Then give it one more look around- or a first look…in the rain.  If you still are in love with the home you have chosen- then YES it must be the one!!!

Let me help  ‘Make YOUR real estate dreams a reality!’

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Are you ready for a project?


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Log Cabin CornerAre you ready for a project?  Are you a LOG HOME lover and looking for something under $200K on a great lot with amazing LOGS, STONEWORK, and SPACE?  Located minutes from the CT RIVER this is an amazing opportunity for the right folks! Buyer or Investor- this is an opportunity to not miss- call me today 860-575-5001 Let me help you work through the process of buying this amazing potential-


Today’s Project is Tomorrow’s Dream Come True!

Do not let this one pass you by!


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Let me help  ‘Make YOUR real estate dreams a reality!’

Let’s get the conversation started- Call me at the office Mon-Fri   via cell/text 860-575-5001


So you want to buy a Log Cabin Fall 2015


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So you want to buy a Log Cabin!

Or need to SELL your existing Log Home? Have a Log Home to SELL and not finding an agent who truly understands selling the dream?  Then call and we can discuss how to bring your cabin to the folks that WANT to live the Cabin Lifestyle!

Now is a perfect time!  Cabins come in all shapes and sizes, from comfy&cozy let’s say under 1200sqft to the sprawling ‘not your grampa’s Log Cabin’ of 5000, 10,000 or more in sqft!  You can find your Cabin Home deep in the woods, alongside the river, Lakeside and even in the midst of a neighborhood of more ‘traditional’ homes.

What are you waiting for- let’s take a look at what is out there in the Connecticut market- and if you don’t see what you are looking for today- please give me a call and let’s talk about needs and FIND you what you are seeking.

First order of business is always financing, or How are you going to plan to pay for this purchase.  First home, Second home, Vacation home, First time buyer, down sizing or off the grid buyer, Whatever your reason for buying the final goal cannot be accomplished without a clear cut plan.

Financing this purchase- Great news! With interest rates at levels that will not last forever- taking advantage of your buying power is the order of the day!!!

CASH to purchase- then you have negotiating power to set quick close date and at a favorable price that is mutually agreeable.

If you are planning to finance your purchase then step 1 is to get qualified for your mortgage- be it VA, FHA, FHA203K, or Conventional- whatever your path, you need to have this part of the search locked in BEFORE you find the perfect DREAM.  (if not, you risk the dream slipping away when you find out either you do not qualify for the amount you were seeking or the home does not meet the criteria for the lender and loan product you have chosen- either way get the finance piece done first and the risk of this happening is greatly reduced!)  Let me show you how to get started.

Following up the SPRING/Early Summer reports of Log Cabin homes on the market statewide- it is now heading into FALL Market and as of TODAY’s date we have 79 Log Cabin on the market statewide, 5 NEW listings this week, 11 listings LESS than 20 days on the market and 10 prior listings Under Deposit.

This week’s new Log Cabin home listings are located in Washington, Winchester, Brooklyn, East Hampton and Stonington.  With existing homes available in towns such as East Hampton, East Haddam, Preston, Killingworth, and Haddam just to name a few there is truly a cabin available in just about every section of the state!!

The price range for Log Cabin homes ranges from $79,900-  $799,900K.  This means there is something for everyone!

….and if building your very own Log Home is on the agenda- get with me (860-575-5001 Cell/Text) and let’s discuss land options in the state- there are some incredible buying opportunities if you want to start from Raw Land and build your home! [5 acres for $49K…among others- ask me where to find those buildable lots- would love to help!!]

Have said it before and will say it again- owning and loving a Log Cabin home is a life choice and a dreamers decision.  Enjoy the journey to your Log Cabin dream…and if you are in Central, Shoreline or Eastern CT I would be more than honored to share the journey with you- fellow dreamer!

If you are a Veteran- ask me how this can be possible for you with 100% financing!

Looking for that perfect refuge from it all? This is it! Take the next step and schedule a private showing today.  If you need to SELL prior and are ready to start today- then give me a call!!

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Dawn L. McNary, REALTOR® Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices – New England Properties Essex



Let me help  ‘Make YOUR real estate dreams a reality!’

Let’s get the conversation started- Call me at the office Mon-Fri   via cell/text 860-575-5001

Information is obtained via CTMLS and is subject to change.

Back to School


Give Keep Toss ClutterBack to School is an annual right of passage for kids from all over.  For that matter it is a time to turn the page for adults as well.  As many folks prepare by shopping for new clothes for the kids and school supplies this is a great time to assess and plan for the future.  Thus the mantra- GIVE, KEEP, TOSS.

That is pretty much all there is to evaluating and formulating an action plan to get from September 1 to your next goal!

This goes out to the folks who want to begin a new journey and start something fresh and exciting, (like new clothes and backpacks, pencils, pens, laptops and APPS are to a returning student).  Find the corner of your desk, your office, your project, your life- find a starting point.

From this starting point progress methodically through to your next starting point- and each roadblock, or unknown you encounter you face will have three- and only three- possible outcomes.  GIVE KEEP TOSS.

Give can mean to give away, or delegate.

Keep will mean either you need to file it to keep, or you must personally execute the task at hand.

TOSS oh this is the fun one!  This is the POWERFUL one!  This is freedom!  Toss is as the name implies- being freed from the task, object, memory- you are tossing this ROADBLOCK out of the equation!

Now it is important to note that there will be an inherent desire to create a ‘MAYBE’ pile, folder, area.  DON’T DO IT!  This is a surgical procedure on your life and your new journey- new adventure- new year!  This is it- there is no MAYBE here.  Commit or don’t- and for those of you that don’t there is always next year……….. sorry we will all miss you though, as we will have all moved onto our new adventure, journey, experience and it is too good to turn back!

What are you waiting for- you can do this!  GIVE, KEEP, TOSS!  You’ve got this!

Welcome to the new school year- and all the promises and opportunities it presents!

Of course- if your new journey involves Real Estate in CT and you are looking to SELL, BUY, BUILD or INVEST and are ready to start today- then give me a call!!

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Let me help  ‘Make YOUR real estate dreams a reality!’

Let’s get the conversation started- Call me at the office Mon-Fri   via cell/text 860-575-5001

Why are you shopping for a home?


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Why are you shopping for a home?  Yes it appears to be a straightforward question, but it is not.

Shopping for a home can be as smooth as a quiet river Boat Launch Old Lyme

or it can flip you around like waves on the ocean ocean foam  seemingly dragging and pulling you at will.  The ride, as with the waves, can be filled with laughs, excitement, and at times- when that wave over takes you and you are under water unsure where the top is, terrifying!  Which process do you prefer- the choice is really up to you.

Here is what the question ‘Why are you shopping for a home?’ really means- WHY are you out shopping for a home and attending Open Houses and falling in love with THAT perfect home for you- when you have not yet sat down and talked to a lender to get qualified for your potential purchase???!!!!!

Shopping for a home means having the funds to purchase the home.  Having the funds, for most folks means having a mortgage.  Having a mortgage means being approved for a set amount of money to be loaned based on variety of factors- the greatest of which is YOUR credit and YOUR savings and YOUR work history and YOUR current budget needs.  YOU are the key to YOUR home purchase.

So intimidating to so many is step 1., which is to sit down with a lender and start the process of home shopping by knowing what you are capable, under today’s terms and conditions, of obtaining in the world of lending to use toward the purchase of your home.  Sure- there will be variables that arise- from raising and falling interest rates or tax changes from one town to another or even perhaps an unexpectedly higher than assumed rate for insurance on the ‘particular’ home of your choosing, but I can assure you almost all of these ‘blips’ can be dealt with and overcome during the process.  What cannot often be overcome is the process not having been started and finding out there is ‘an issue’ in YOUR file/history/budget that does not work with the lending algorithms in place at this time and the timeline for you to buy THAT house- or any house is more likely 6-9 months from now- IF you do all that is being asked of you starting right now!

Before you head into STEP 2- Shopping for a home- you must start with Step 1. sitting down with a lender and getting your financial strength training!

When you do not work in this order the process can be difficult.  Working with both buyers and sellers I can only tell you what I see, hear and feel.  Heartbreak.  Not talking about investors here- talking about people- people buying and selling homes to live in and make a life in- to create memories and to laugh, cry, and dream in- these are the majority of folks that are buying and selling homes. So again, I ask you- Why are you shopping for a home?  Have you done the first step to be sure you are financially able to secure the terms and finances you desire to make this purchase comfortable for you from the moment you put forward your offer???  I want your offer to succeed and I know you do too!  Let’s get this done- with strength!

STRENGTH! In today’s market there is no louder voice than that of a fully qualified buyer.  A fully qualified buyer approaches negotiations with confidence and determination to get it done.  The agent of a fully qualified buyer knows where they can begin and where they need to end.  The agent of a fully qualified buyer knows how to craft an offer that ‘stands out’ from the crowd and gets accepted more readily.  And perhaps most importantly the Fully Qualified Buyer knows that the home they are putting forward an offer on today is 1. within their reach- no questions asked and 2. could very well be the place they begin inspections on tomorrow (ya know, when the seller signs the offer and the contracted is executed!)

Don’t be shy-Leave me a comment and Tell me Why are you shopping for a home?  and then tell me when your appointment is to become that fully qualified buyer!!!  Once you sit down and know your options you will walk new and with purpose and the purchase of your first or next home will be done with far fewer moments of stress and heartbreak.

Ready to start today- then why wait give me a call!

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Nothing is selling..This is ridiculous


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Nothing is selling..This is ridiculous.  The lament heard at many a listing appointment with home owners looking to sell homes in New London and Middlesex Counties.  So what is really going on?  We all know that perception is reality.  If you are a homeowner looking to sell then you may very well be one of the frustrated many.

However there is hope!  I always prefer to look at what is working and then ‘tweak’ what isn’t and achieve the goal- which is to get your home sold after all!  So what is working- well there are homes selling and the number of days to get from listing to sale is, on average, coming down.

Historic Sales by Year New London and Middlesex County July 1 2015  The yellow in the chart represents the number of homes sold starting in January 2015 through July, which has only just begun.  The red in the chart represents the number of days on the market to get the homes sold.  January being both post holiday and winter in CT there is nothing surprising to that line.  What is a nice change is the steady decline in days on market from March/April through to now.

So let’s take a look again at what is happening out there- YES something is selling- that something is a home here a home there- Priced and presented correctly there are homes that ARE selling.  If you have been frustrated by the market perhaps it is time to take another look- looking at both price AND presentation (marketing)- from your staging and curb appeal to your photos and advertising placement- WHAT is being done to get your home sold over other homes?  If you cannot answer that question without thinking- then you DON’T have an answer and you need to get one!

Truly interested in selling your home in 2015- then let me work with you to achieve your goal and get this done- don’t let everyone else be in the YELLOW column!  Let’s get your home sold in 2015 and get you on this chart – in the column you want to be in- SOLD!

Call me today!

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Let me help  ‘Make YOUR real estate dreams a reality!’

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Happy 4th of July


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20130809-215454.jpg 58 Moodus Spring

Wherever your 4th of July plans take you…Goodspeed Airport Gilettes Castle East Haddam Norwalk Boat Show 1 Love this view Lake Pocotopaug

Pool  Enjoy!  And be safe!

For one of the bigger fireworks shows this weekend- Check out the Birthday Celebration at Ocean Beach Park in New London!

Ocean Beach Park and the USCG are celebrating birthdays this year- and on FRIDAY 3 JULY 2015 there will be a Birthday Celebration at Ocean Beach Park!!!

This celebration will include entertainment – a laser light show- AND Fireworks!!

For more information on this event at Ocean Beach Park or future events- check out the full list on the Ocean Beach Park website!

Wishing you a safe and fun holiday weekend-

2015 Headshot Dawn Biz

Let me help  ‘Make YOUR real estate dreams a reality!’

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Home Upgrades with the LOWEST ROI


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File this under WISH LIST fulfillment- love that line, but there is truth.  When setting out to do home upgrades- we all like to think in terms of how much ‘better’ this will make the house and in our eyes that translates directly to the phrase- ‘so it is worth more!’  The experts weigh in and the reality is well wait- not so much!  Read on for the Myths vs the Reality..


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6 Outdoor Projects You Can Do With Your Kids


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Summer is here and finding things to do that involve the kids is now on every parent or caregiver’s list! Check out these projects- for Family Fun Outdoors!

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Snakes of Connecticut 


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 Snakes of Connecticut… THAT is the subject of today’s Real Estate blog.  Why?  Well simple actually, part of home ownership is knowing what is critical to be handled now and what should be left alone.  This is never more true than when you walk out your front door, take three steps into the yard and see this sight as pictured above.

Scream- NO, Pause- YES!

Decisions time- does it stay or does it go???

To some the decision is relatively simply- ALL creatures that slime and slither- or ‘without legs’ must be eradicated from the surroundings.  Seems a BIT DRASTIC.

To some the decision is clear- these creatures belong here and we should never, under any circumstances, disturb them.  Seems a BIT NOT TOTALLY THOUGHT OUT.

To me there is a much more middle of the road approach to the problem. Inside the home- yeah- well unless I can tell you are non-venomous from 20 paces than you are probably going to be seeing your last day as a snake in the house.  But outside the home- in nature- where, remember SNAKES do have jobs to do, well that is where it gets fuzzy.

Lucky for us we live in the era of SOCIAL MEDIA- and cameras within reach at almost any second.  This was no exception- snap a photo- send to Facebook/Twitter/Pinterest (I guess?) wherever- and ask- Safe or Sorry????  Good or Bad????  Whatever the phrasing the requested information is the same- does this snake live or die today….

Within seconds you begin to receive responses- and in this snakes case most were favorable to allow him to go on and live his days as intended- taking care of the OUTDOOR environment as planned.  So he was left alone to bake in the sun and go about his business….and I went about my day.

Now if you are interested in learning a bit more about exactly what snakes do inhabit this area- BEFORE taking the next three steps out the front door- follow this link to a brochure put out by the State of CT entitled “SNAKES in CT”  Thank you CT DEEP for providing this wonderful document full of not only information but also of pictures of these snakes in varied states as we may actually encounter them out and about in nature!

Who said Real Estate couldn’t be fun for all!!!?

Enjoy the great outdoors- just respect it and educate yourself on all things unknown.