New to the Market Baum Ave Old Saybrook, CT (Chalker Beach Area)


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New to the market this week is this 3/2 in Old Saybrook on Baum Ave-

12 Baum Ave  Old Saybrook, CT (Chalker Beach Area)

12 Baum Ave
Old Saybrook, CT
(Chalker Beach Area)

This is a great opportunity to own home nearby to shopping, dining and beaches with many upgrades already done and room to grow within the home to make it your very own. With an extremely large fenced backyard

Big BackyardThere is room for everyone to enjoy the beautiful summers, amazing springs, colorful falls, and even the snowy winters- as this is a year round home with, as previously stated, room to grow- (a walk up attic- unfinished).

Check out the listing at Heritage Properties spc for more info or give me a call today to arrange an APPOINTMENT ONLY SHOWING.  There is no sign in the yard and all showings are by appointment only. 860-739-4455 ext 33

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People helping People


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People Helping People-

There are many upcoming events in our area with the Child & Family Agency Auxiliaries!  Hope you will join them at one or many—–>

Lyme/Old Lyme Auxiliary’s Cookie Walk-  Saturday December 6th 10am-1pm

Pick up some holiday cookies from the Lyme/Old Lyme Auxiliary’s Cookie Walk!  Location is Amity Construction & Design’s Showroom in the Old Lyme Marketplace on Halls Road in Old Lyme!

All Auxiliary – Polar Express- November/December

Last year 500 children and their families were served by Auxiliary members and donors.  Please continue this tradition by adopting a family or donating to your auxiliary who will be shopping for families.  Contact Krissa Ressler for more information 860-443-2896 x1406

For more information or to find your local auxiliary contact Child & Family Agency located at 255 Hempstead Street New London, CT 06320



Footsteps in the Attic…and other homeowner challenges!


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Footsteps in the attic in the days leading up to Halloween can make anyone go ooooohhhhhh- but what do you do when they continue well into the Christmas season?  Well you either go ‘check it out’ [not a fan of this approach!] or you call someone who can go check it out!

The usual culprits are your friendly squirrels and/or raccoons…ok I may be exaggerating on the ‘friendly’ part, but suffice to say they are simply looking for shelter from the impending winter and a place to store food.  If your roof/attic space has an entrance these critters WILL find a way in!  If you can get them out and then repair the suspected entry point you will save yourself the dreaded SMELLS of the attic- which is a whole other issue!!!!!!

Bat on a screenOn occasion your attic may be home to the occasional bat and/or snake and although one bat is a simple removal- many many bats will probably require some professional assistance- {This bat is outside on the screen and doing what he needs to do – eating insects- no need to ‘get rid’ of him he provides a service!!  but also no need to let him take up residence indoors!!!}

Snake SkinEvidence of other visitors, such as snakes, is often the first sign that you have non-paying renters on the premises!!  The feeling of most folks, with regards to snakes, is one is TOOOOO many- so call a professional if you see a snake in the attic and be sure he gets eviction papers pronto!!!

Happy Halloween- and after reading this it is my guess we are all looking forward to finding a simple GHOST in the attic!!!


East Haddam- Project Grad Clothing Drive


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Moving Boxes 2013It is that time of year again- Break out the boxes!!!

Nathan Hale Ray High School Project Grad Clothing Drive-

This event will be taking place tomorrow- Saturday 18 October- 8am-Noon in the Nathan Hale Plaza- Take the time to gather all those usable clothes that you simply can no longer use and bring them down to support this great event!

Great way to clean up and clean out- before switching out the summer/fall closets!!

Hope to see you there!


So you want to buy a Log Cabin October


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Log Cabin Woods View So you want to buy a Log Cabin..Now is the time.  It is rare that inventory in Log Cabin style homes increases- so when it does you, the buyer, have options.  So take advantage of those options and get qualified for your mortgage- be it VA, FHA, FHA203K, or Conventional- whatever your path, you need to have this part of the search locked in BEFORE you find the perfect DREAM.  (if not, you risk the dream slipping away when you find out either you do not qualify for the amount you were seeking or the home does not meet the criteria for the lender and loan product you have chosen- either way get the finance piece done first and the risk of this happening is greatly reduced!)  Let me show you how to get started.

Following up the September report of 77 Log Cabin homes on the market statewide- as of TODAY’s date we have 66 Log Cabin homes available statewide, 10 NEW listings this week and 9 prior listings Under Deposit, but still open to showings (of course this means the plan is to move forward with the current contract- but continuing to show the home provides a sort of contingency plan should Plan A not come to fruition- always a smart option for the seller!)

This week’s new Log Cabin home listings are located in East Hampton, Portland, Litchfield, Haddam, Stafford and Granby.  With existing homes available in towns such as Groton, Lebanon, Killingworth, Haddam, Chester, Clinton and Bethlehem just to name a few there is truly a cabin available in just about every section of the state!!

The price range for Log Cabin homes ranges from $34,900K-  $849K.  This means there is something for everyone!

….and if building your very own Log Home is on the agenda- get with me and let’s discuss land options in the state- there are some incredible buying opportunities if you want to start from Raw Land and build your home! [5 acres for $49K…among others- ask me where to find those buildable lots- would love to help!!]

I have said it before and will say it again- owning and loving a Log Cabin home is a life choice and a dreamers decision.  Enjoy the journey to your Log Cabin dream…and if you are in Central, Shoreline or Eastern CT I would be more than honored to share the journey with you- fellow dreamer!  If you are a Veteran- ask me how this can be possible for you with 100% financing!

Selling/Buying/Investing- You owe it to yourself to call Dawn McNary, REALTOR® , with Heritage Properties spc Today!  Let me help  ‘Make YOUR real estate dreams a reality!’

Let’s get the conversation started- Call me at the office Mon-Fri 860-739-4455 ext 33 or afterhours reach me via cell/text 860-575-5001 Any home sale or purchase is a journey – but a Log Home is a ‘special’ journey from the heart!

10 Commandments for Home Buyers- READ and REREAD!!


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This boat is mine 10 Commandments for Home Buyers is a must read list shared, with permission, by fellow REALTOR®Michael Fenwrick .  If you want to move from contract to closing and be sitting pretty then you must read- reread- and internalize these Commandments!!! (Warning:  THESE ARE NOT SUGGESTIONS they are a MUST!!!)

Read on:

1. Thou shalt not change jobs, become self-employed or quit your job.

2. Thou shalt not buy a car, truck or van (or you may be living in it!)

3. Thou shalt not use credit cards excessively or let your accounts fall behind.

4. Thou shalt not spend money you have set aside for closing.

5. Thou shalt not omit debts or liabilities from your loan application

6. Thou shalt not buy furniture.

7. Thou shalt not originate any inquiries into your credit.

8. Thou shalt not make large deposits without first checking with your loan officer.

9. Thou shalt not change bank account.

10. Thou shalt not co-sign a loan for anyone.

If you are interested in a home along the Connecticut Shoreline or one of the many towns in Eastern and Central Connecticut- then let’s talk!!!  860-739-4455- ext 33 at Heritage Properties in Niantic CT  is where you can find me and we can begin the process of Making YOUR Real Estate dreams a reality!!!

Guide to attending Open Houses in Southeastern, Central and Shoreline Connecticut


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Chapman Falls It is the weekend and there are Open Houses throughout Connecticut.  This week I was fortunate to get to preview some pretty amazing homes in Lyme, Old Lyme and East Haddam.  These are just a few of the areas that are hosting Open Houses for the public this weekend.  If you are not currently working with a REALTOR® as your buyer’s agent then let me work with you and help you find the home that meets YOUR needs.  But if you do venture out to an Open House this weekend and take a look at homes take some of these thoughts with you:

  • Are you out looking at Open Houses without a REALTOR®?  Do you know why you should have your own representation?
  • Have you sat down with your lender and really narrowed down your price point so you look where you want to be and in the price range you are most comfortable in, based on today’s rates and terms?
  • Have you asked the same lender what your buying power would be should the rates shift by .5% by 1% or by more- both up AND down?  This ‘tiny’ bit of information can make something that seemed out of reach yesterday – the perfect fit today- if rates play in your favor and you can lock in to take advantage of the move!
  • Do you recognize that having your lender and rates and terms all in place PRIOR to House shopping is one of the key elements in a STRONG and successful offer on a property?
  • Did you know that active lenders are available on the weekend to take care of getting you the facts you need to complete your offer and be on your way to owning your dream- there is no reason to ‘wait until Monday’!!!?
  • At this Open House you are attending do you KNOW who the REALTOR® on duty works for and why it is imperative that you be crystal clear on this before walking through the door?

Open Houses are a great opportunity to really get a ‘feel’ for the home you are considering as an option- but attended without a plan it can lead to some unintended challenges during the offer/negotiation phase of a purchase.  Take charge of your purchase and bring along your representation- by either having an agreement with a Buyer’s agent signed in advance (let your agent know you are out looking at homes this weekend and be sure, when you sign in at the Open House, to put your agent contact information on the form so they can follow up with one another, should you be interested in pursuing the property) or physically meeting your buyer’s agent at the property and walking it together. By following one of these paths you will insure that you are taking charge of the process!!

Need a buyer’s agent this weekend – call me and we can get you in the driver’s seat of the process of Making YOUR real estate dreams a reality!!

860-739-4455 ext 33

Dawn McNary REALTOR®
Heritage Properties spc
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Boating in Connecticut


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Norwalk Boat Show 1Taking a break from housing talk I thought I would venture out on the water for a bit.  The last month or so has been quite an experience in looking for that perfect ‘something extra’ in life- called a BOAT!

Yes, yes, yes I have heard from all the naysayers that claim ‘the happiest day in a boat owners life is the day they GET the boat AND the day they SELL the boat.” However, I also see an awful lot of amazing folks out enjoying the many many many waterways in Connecticut and along the Connecticut shoreline.  So I am going to remain the optimist and embrace the ‘boating bug’ along with all these other folks.

When we embarked upon this journey, as a family, we did not know what we were searching for- at all.  We talked bass boats, we talked cuddy cabs, we talked bow riders- we even talked row boats for that matter.  Oh yes, the conversations have been spirited!!  Along the way we have met some truly amazing people at marinas across CT and MA as far as Rockland, ME.  In the time they have spent discussing the finer points of the boats and the pros and cons of each model we think perhaps we are getting closer and closer to finding the right match for our family.  At least one person has made a decision- or so it seems based on the smile:

This boat is mine

In Real Estate we toss around numbers now and again and it is often said that a family begins ‘looking’ for a home up to -2 YEARS- prior to making a purchase.  Truth is, that number is probably pretty accurate for most folks.  So for all of you boat owners out there- How long did you ‘look’ before signing on the dotted line?  From browsing through brochures to online ‘build a boat’ options to attending Boat Shows and talking with sales folks- and boat owners.  How long was it in your journey from the desire to fulfill the boating dream- to the point of ‘bringing that baby home!’????

Boats viewed to date: (in no particular order) Cobalt  Formula  Four Winns  CrownLine and the boat that started it all the Monterey…..So many options and choices…

Want to share a boat ownership vs boat partnership story- please do!!!  Would love to hear them all-  but with that said- How can you not LOVE THIS VIEW!!!

Love this view

If you are interested in a home along the Connecticut Shoreline or one of the many many lakes or right on the CT River- then let’s talk!!!  860-739-4455- ext 33 at Heritage Properties in Niantic CT  is where you can find me and we can begin the process of Making YOUR Real Estate dreams a reality!!!

Buying a home in 2014? When?


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Buying a home in 2014? When? Based on the FED news- should you reevaluate your timeline in order to take advantage of the current market?  Short answer- perhaps!

Chapman FallsIn the money world things have been moving along at a relatively predictable pace.  From this point one of two things will be bound to happen- financing will pick up its pace and flow freely….and at attractive rates..or…financing will slow down to a crawl as borrowers become discontent with rising rates.

The FED’s announcement that the end of the taper is approaching means that at some time, in the future, rates will begin to rise.  The current buying climate cannot continue forever- and although most folks are aware of that fact the human nature side known as procrastination (or hoping for just a bit better) has been in the driver’s seat for some time now.  The time is soon, if not now, to take back control of your real estate dreams and direct your financial future rather than leaving it to ‘a hope & a prayer’.

So the question still remains- Are you buying a home in 2014?

If you would like to work with a REALTOR® who understands your situation and will work to make your real estate dreams come true in 2014 then give me a call today- I would welcome the opportunity to work with you and make 2014 the year you want it to be!!

Selling/Buying/Investing- You owe it to yourself to call Dawn McNary, REALTOR® , with Heritage Properties spc Today!  Let me help you ‘Make YOUR home ownership dreams a reality!’

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