Log Cabin Buying and Selling season is in full swing


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Log Cabin Woods ViewSo you want to buy a Log Cabin..Now is the time.  It is rare that inventory in Log Cabin style homes increases- so when it does you, the buyer, have options.  So take advantage of those options and get qualified for your mortgage- be it VA, FHA, FHA203K, or Conventional- whatever your path, you need to have this part of the search locked in BEFORE you find the perfect DREAM.  (if not, you risk the dream slipping away when you find out either you do not qualify for the amount you were seeking or the home does not meet the criteria for the lender and loan product you have chosen- either way get the finance piece done first and the risk of this happening is greatly reduced!)

Following up the June report of 68 Log Cabin homes on the market statewide- as of TODAY’s date we have 70 Log Cabin homes available statewide, 5 NEW listings this week and 9 prior listings Under Deposit, but still open to showings (of course this means the plan is to move forward with the current contract- but continuing to show the home provides a sort of contingency plan should Plan A not come to fruition- always a smart option for the seller!)  This week’s new Log Cabin home listings are located in Winchester, Bethlehem, Glastonbury, Columbia and Salem.   So truly one in every corner of the state!!

The price range for Log Cabin homes ranges from $114,9K-  $895K.  This means there is something for everyone!

I have said it before and will say it again- owning and loving a Log Cabin home is a life choice and a dreamers decision.  Enjoy the journey to your Log Cabin dream…and if you are in Central, Shoreline or Eastern CT I would be more than honored to share the journey with you- fellow dreamer!  If you are a Veteran- ask me how this can be possible for you with 100% financing!

Selling/Buying/Investing- You owe it to yourself to call Dawn McNary, REALTOR® , with Heritage Properties spc Today!  Let me help you ‘Make YOUR home ownership dreams a reality!’

Let’s get the conversation started- Call me at the office Mon-Fri 860-739-4455 ext 33 or afterhours reach me via cell/text 860-575-5001 Any home sale or purchase is a journey – but a Log Home is a ‘special’ journey from the heart!

Open House Enfield 20 July 1p-3p 56 Elm St


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Enfield Back Patio May 2014 Today’s Open House takes us to Enfield CT located at 56 Elm St is a lovely Condo where you can step out your back door (pictured here) and enjoy the tranquility of your private patio looking out over Green Space.  2Bedrooms and a full basement give you plenty of room to make this yours!

Within minutes of Springfield MA and Hartford CT as well as Bradley Airport and all the shopping, dining and entertainment options Enfield/Springfield & Hartford provide the location cannot be beat!

This property is being offered today for sale/ for rent or for sale with full 100% owner financing.  Come on out to Enfield today and be in your new home by the end of the week- YES- it can be that simple!!!

Selling/Buying/Investing- You owe it to yourself to call Dawn McNary, REALTOR® , with Heritage Properties spc Today!  Let me help you ‘Make YOUR home ownership dreams a reality!’

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Dawn Iphone Feb132014 193

Open House Sunday July 13 2014 1-3 Colchester 24 Lee CT 10 ACRES under $300K


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Colchester Oconnell Rd Ext July 2014 (4)10 Acres close to Rte 2/11 and 85 in Colchester- and under $300K.  Amazing opportunity to look at this Sunday from 1-3 when I will be hosting an Open House at 24 Lee CT in Colchester.  Please come take a look- there is LAND and plenty of it, there is a home with 4 bedrooms and 3 baths as well as a pool and 2 additional buildings, currently being used as game room/family room – but the decision as what to do with BONUS SPACE is yours !!!

Directions: Buckley Hill to Lee CT- Driveway is on right ‘before’ picnic table- Home is situated on a rear lot.  Come out for a visit- stay for a lifetime!

Hope to see you Sunday- if you cannot make it out this way then please reach out via email or text and let me know what questions you have on the home and property and we can discuss from there!

Selling/Buying/Investing- You owe it to yourself to call Dawn McNary, REALTOR® , with Heritage Properties spc Today!  Let me help you ‘Make YOUR home ownership dreams a reality!’

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Putting your home on the market? What you need to know


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DECLUTTER TO DOWNSIZEPutting your home on the market?  What you need to know is that ‘putting your home on the market’ is the LAST step in a process- NOT the first.

Before you talk to your local REALTOR® you need to have covered some basics for yourself and your home.  Give Keep Toss is the mantra at this beginning stage.

1. Organize and clean. Pare down clutter and pack up your least-used items, such as large blenders and other kitchen tools, out-of-season clothes, toys, and exercise equipment. Store items off-site or in boxes neatly arranged in the garage or basement. Clean the windows, carpets, walls, lighting fixtures, and baseboards to make the house shine.

Although we all think we do this during Spring Spruce up and Fall Fix it moments- we don’t do enough for a home sale- trust me on this one- it is imperative that you truly SEE YOUR HOME through the EYES of the BUYER.

Walk into your home- yes- through the front door- are you WOWED- or OVER WHELMED?

(Does the front door even open?) Once inside- can you see the walls- open the closets (without any items falling out)- Can you walk from room to room and is there a sense of this being a home full of storage and clean lines or clutter and filled to the brim with life and living?

There is nothing wrong with a home filled with life and living and over flowing from every bedroom and kitchen cabinet or closet- UNTIL YOU WANT TO SELL THE HOME!!!!

When you make the decision to place your home on the market in hopes of finding a buyer quickly and one who offers the highest possible price THEN the process of Give, Keep, Toss has a small, but critical, subconscious process, taking place simultaneously.  That is the process of cutting the umbilical cord to the home- and turning it back into a house- a piece of property.  Why?  Well because no matter how many memories you have made there, no matter how wonderful life is there for you and yours, the buyer is looking at this as a purchase of property and they will calculate their offer based on the ‘condition of the property’ .

However you work best- small spurts of energy over time- or a weekend of total purging- just get it all done and Give Keep Toss- and you will be ready to present YOUR home to potential buyers so they, too, can see the amazing property for themselves and begin to envision making their own special memories- just as you once did!

Selling/Buying/Investing- You owe it to yourself to call Dawn McNary, REALTOR® , with Heritage Properties spc Today!  Let me help you ‘Make YOUR home ownership dreams a reality!’

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Will your Rental History help or hurt you when buying a home?


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20140629-125212-46332900.jpgWill your rental history help or hurt you when buying a home?  This was a question you never really considered in the past, as FICO and the 3 main credit reporting agencies did not gather your rental payment data and there was hardly any verification that went into the ‘facts’ as you outlined on your Mortgage application.  For some this was a ‘good’ thing- but for so many others, specifically those trying to establish or reestablish credit, this is a big problem.

Change may be on the horizon.  Two, of the three main, credit reporting agencies have begun to bring rental payment data into the credit worthiness picture.  It is reported that both Experian and Transunion are now using this data to compute credit scores when customers are applying for a mortgage.

So next time you are thinking- ah, ‘I’m buying a house and hey- It’s just rent- noone cares anyway…’ and you make that ‘late’ payment- be aware that accumulation of late payments, over time, will NOW, it appears, have an impact on your future plans.

Do all you can now to protect that credit score- it will save you thousands over the life of your mortgage.

Selling/Buying/Investing- You owe it to yourself to call Dawn McNary, REALTOR® , with Heritage Properties spc Today!  Let me help you ‘Make YOUR home ownership dreams a reality!’

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What do you know about PMI- Private Mortgage insurance?


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Dawn Iphone Feb132014 193What do you know about PMI- Private Mortgage Insurance?  You spent the weekend at Open Houses, you found the home of your dreams, so What next?  You speak to your lender, you roughly know what you should be able to handle in monthly payments and this home should fit the bill.

This is the typical scenario, however more and more folks are saying that in a PMI situation they are facing sticker shock over the expense that is PMI monthly payment.  In most cases PMI cannot be avoided so it is good to know the numbers up front to avoid the let down- or sticker shock- when the full cost of the mortgage is laid out on the table.

So what is PMI?  If a loan exceeds 80% of the homes value the PMI is designed to protect the lender in the event the borrower defaults.

What is the effect of PMI on monthly payments?  On average homeowners report that the PMI portion of the monthly payment is about $100 but often with these loans that $100 can be the difference between smooth sailing through the home purchase or going back to the drawing board and perhaps looking within a different budget range in order to be sure the monthly PMI payment does not affect lifestyle wishes.

Best advice- sit down with your lender prior to finding the perfect home.  Know your numbers.  Know your numbers with PMI included.

Selling/Buying/Investing- You owe it to yourself to call Dawn McNary, REALTOR® , with Heritage Properties spc Today!  Let me help you ‘Make YOUR home ownership dreams a reality!’

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Tater Hill Rd East Haddam CT- LAND for your new home!


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Spring Tater Hill going for a walkTater Hill Rd East Haddam, CT is the perfect location to build your peaceful paradise.  Want to be minutes from the Goodspeed Opera House/Goodspeed Musicals and the Goodspeed Airport or 5 miles from incredible Golf at Fox Hopyard Golf Course or 4 miles from hiking and enjoying Chapman Falls in glorious Devil’s Hopyard or what about taking in the pathways and amazing vistas of the Connecticut River while walking the trails around Gillette’s Castle???  Yes all of this is within reach of your new lot on Tater Hill in East Haddam.

The Lot is cleared with very little work to do for you and ready for your plans.  The current owners have plans for a passive solar home on the site as it is situated just right to make this an energy efficient, green option.  This lot is situated where nature meets- well- nature!  With deer and turkey walking the property and owls asking ‘WHO’ is there you are truly away from it all.  This is a scenic area that you will truly enjoy calling home.

Thinking of building a home?  Then consider East Haddam and consider Tater Hill Rd.  Contact DAWN(yes, that’s me!) at Heritage Properties spc in Niantic CT at 860-575-5001 (via cell or TEXT) and we can discuss how to make this property your very own site for your next home!

Here are a few more photos of the land and the area- Hope to see you soon!!!

Spring 309 Tater Looking in Spring Tater Hill Chapman Falls Goodspeed Bridge CT River Goodspeed Airport Devil's Hopyard View from Bridge Gilettes Castle East Haddam Goodspeed Airport Rock Walls Tater Hill Tater Hill Deer Winter Deer Tater Hill Winter on Tater Hill Nathan Hale Ray Middle School Turkey CrossingFox Hopyard Golfing May 2014

Location Location Location


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heritage7550jpegSure Location Location Location has been the Real Estate mantra forever but as we heard this week from the folks in New London it is also the mantra of those in the know within the city of New London.  These folks know they have an amazing location- with amazing people and talents.  The city of New London is moving into a new phase and anyone in the right Location Location Location will be a part of this exciting time in New London’s history.

A recent forum, I attended, at the Thames Club in New London really spoke to the opportunity that is available for home buyers and investors in the City of New London.  Here is the article recapping the event, by Lee Howard, from the 4 June edition of the New London Day.

The forum was made up of people who were clearly passionate about this city and the people that live and work here!  The forum included Mayor Finizio, Frank McLaughlin (PM for the Renaissance City Development Association), Tony Silvestri (developer of City Flats  in New London), Steve Sigel (Managing Director for the Garde Arts Center), Barbara Neff (NeffProductions who has produced numerous events for the city) and Keith Turner (of McCue Mortgage).  It was a great discussion about all that is New London and all that New London is becoming on this evolutionary journey of a city!

Selling/Buying/Investing- You owe it to yourself to call Dawn McNary, REALTOR® , with Heritage Properties spc Today!  Let me help you ‘Make YOUR home ownership dreams a reality!’

If you were considering New London but did not know if the time was right then-Call or text me today- let’s begin a conversation 860-575-5001

New London CT What are your plans this weekend?


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heritage7550jpegNew London CT is the city with so much to offer right here in Southeastern CT.  Sometimes when you live right near an amazing resource or even in the city itself you forget to step back and look at it from the eyes of a new comer to the area and really see what an amazing city it truly is, for residents and visitors alike.

You can take in great art, fantastic music, the deep, rich history of the area in New London.  You can find yourself exploring anywhere from the waterfront restaurants to Connecticut College’s arboretum all the way to Ocean Beach Park there is something to do for everyone in New London.

For Kids and Families this weekend Saturday at NOON at the Hempsted House 11 Hempsted St New London there will be a hands on free workshop to celebrate the renovation of the Amos Bull house (in Hartford- a sister property).  This Saturday’s event will include learning to do things in 1700’s fashion: from writing with a quill pen to trying your hand at arts and crafts and exploring the garden.  Learning & Fun- what could be better!!!

And if history is your thing there is more- on Sunday June 8 from 1p-3p you can stop into the Old Town Mill, located at 8 Mill st in New London, for a chance to see the water wheel turn, check out a video on the history of the site and see what the restoration over the last few years has brought out in this local treasure.

For a different type of experience there is also the FREE Recital, for cello & piano, taking place on Saturday June 7 at All Souls UU Congregation located at 19 Jay St New London.  This is a performance by students from the MetzMusic LLC in Waterford.  These talented young people have already won prestigious awards and recognition and would love to showcase their talents for you this weekend- Come on out and see the amazing things our young people are doing in this city!

After a day of fun and family relaxing why not check out any of the waterfront or downtown restaurants that surround the city- you are sure to find something that will please everyone!

Whatever you choose to do this weekend in New London- have fun and enjoy the city and all it has to offer!!



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